Friday, 1 August 2014


I know I said at the end of the last post that I'd be posting images of assets (and that will happen soon)  but first I should probably go through the problems I've encountered whilst importing assets into engine.  I've been plagued with error warning about index formats and materials since I've started using this SDK build and I decided to sort it out today.

(Error report I saw every time I started my level in engine)

This caught me by surprise, as the build I used for Mystical Wings didn't have this.  To start with I looked through all the settings in the 3DS Max exporter to see if there were any settings to change.  Much to my dismay, I couldn't find anything, so I then began looking through forums to see if anyone has been having any issues.  Thankfully I came across a post that described the method for changing the index format of the models:

The material issue I was having was just something left over from the way I set up the project assets.  I managed to figure this one out quickly as I have seen similar issues in other engines.  The material assigned to the model had a different name from the material created in engine.  I'm changing them as I make update the files with the new index format.  I'm also adding Physics Proxies (collision) to the meshes so players can't walk through walls.  I'll make a short post about this process too.

Known problem resolved.  Hopefully nothing else comes up between now and tomorrow evening.

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