Thursday, 3 July 2014

Design Change

You may have noticed that the entries on this blog have been written close together.  This is because I haven't had a chance to update it until recently, however they still show the order in which things happened.

I say this because this post is about a design change, which happened about a week after the initial design was made, and it would probably seem strange otherwise having a change so quickly after the other.

The new design was an attempt to reduce the workload and length yet keep some of the fundamental concepts.  I really liked the idea of having the Demeter crash and definitely wanted to include the abbey, given that the theme is gothic horror.  The idea came to me when I was lying on my bed thinking about the design, and I quickly storyboarded it.

(Storyboard for new game concept)

Given the lack of detail in the storyboard, I'll explain what is going on.  The introduction would remain the same but cut short as the ship crashes (relying mainly on a strong sound effect), at which point the player character would wake up from a dream (first-person perspective).  The character could then look around their bedroom, where they would find the book of Bram Stoker's Dracula on the bedside table (hinting as to why they were dreaming of it).  If they tried to leave the room the door would shut on its own and a light would shine from the cupboard (indicating that they may still be dreaming).  After approaching the cupboard the player would be engulfed in light and would be transported to Whitby Abbey (removing the town section from the previous design), where they could explore an eerie environment until finally being attacked by a shadow.

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