Monday, 7 July 2014

World Scale

(Reference image in CryEngine)

Unlike the Mystical Wings project I worked on last year, where everything was giant in comparison to the player character, this project uses real-world measurements to the correct scale (or as close to it as possible).

(An object created in CryEngine used to measure scale)

I imported a reference image into CryEngine to help determine how big the structure will be in comparison to the terrain and player.  The image has a scale that I converted to metres (originally in feet), as this is what the engine uses.  I then used the CryEngine's 'Designer Tools' to create a box shape to the same length as the converted measurement.  Using this shape I could scale the reference image up until it matched the length of the shape (see image above).

With the scale set I can move on to sculpting the terrain to resemble the real location's, adding another element of detail and allowing me to create assets to scale.

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