Thursday, 3 July 2014

General Update

It has been a very busy and hectic last couple of weeks for me, which I thought I'd share here, as they are definitely affecting what I can manage to do with the competition entry.  As you know I started working on this project late into the competition due to university commitments, which was worth it as I got a 1st.  Since then real-life things have been eating away at the time I can spend on the project.

I've recently started an unpaid internship with Wales Interactive as an environment artist that will help me get the experience I need that is relevant to the industry I want to work in.  This also means I need to battle to get income and look for work as well.  This and various other things that happen means that I only get around two, possibly three days a week to work on this project.  However I really wanted to continue with the competition and push myself to my limits in order to produce a finished piece that I can be happy with.

With this in mind I think I can justify needing to simplify my game design even further, so the next post will be looking at the newest (and hopefully last) design change.

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