Saturday, 5 July 2014

The Third Design

The important thing about the newest design change is the size of the playable area.  It is now confined to Whitby Abbey and its immediate area, reducing the number of assets required.  Hopefully it will also help emphasise my abilities at 'game design' and technical ability with the CryEngine SDK.

In terms of the design itself, it's apparent that my concepts for a game that includes Dracula are quite long (or would at least take a reasonable time to complete).  With this in mind I have decided to remove this as the main plot device and concentrate on something that's a bit more versatile but equally as important to Whitby's heritage.

The new design incorporates Whitby Jet as a component for players to use in solving puzzles around the remains of the abbey, which in turn unlocks new parts to a bigger overall puzzle.

(A Whitby Jet carved brooch)

Whitby Jet was used to create various artefacts and pieces of jewellery, which extends as far back as the Bronze Age.  It is probably best known for its popularity during the 19th century as mourning jewellery.
The Whitby Jet Heritage Centre website has quite a bit of information about the mineraloid and its history.

It is supposedly easy to carve (though difficult to achieve great detail without breaking it), which means I can use quite intricate shapes  when creating the puzzle elements.

Linking this new design concept back to the maps provided by The British Library is a very important aspect of the competition, so in the next entry I will provide details on how each aspect relates to them.  On top of the design documentation I will also be putting together a small style guide to ensure that I maintain a level of consistency when producing assets like models and textures, which I will try to make available for download at a later point.

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